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Treetops Holiday Club

Holiday Club Programme Holiday Club Programme Holiday Club Programme

Brief guide to using the booking system for Holiday club

  1. The link for the online booking system will be on our website underneath the heading Holiday Club, attached to the programme and on our Facebook page. This will take you to the main booking site, you do not need to register or login.
  2. You will see on that the session dates are on the left including how many spaces are available, all information for each day being on the right including details of activities, the age requirements along with some must haves for each session.

    Below this are the tickets, 1 ticket per child is one space. You will see there are also tickets available for those who claim through childcare vouchers and Tax-free childcare. If you use vouchers to pay then select this option. no payment needed at time of booking for this option but payment is to be made within 4 day of booking spaces. If payment isn’t received your spaces will become available to others.

  3. Next - you will choose the date and session by clicking to the left this will change to yellow.
  4. Move down towards the bottom where it says tickets, select the number of tickets you need 1 per child.
  5. If you want to book another session, same again click the date and session, head to the bottom and select the number of tickets.
  6. Once finished, click view selections, this will show you the dates you booked and how many children you have booked in for each day.
  7. To book, click book now, enter your email address. Your screen will say attendee details, fill in all details. If you have more than 1 child coming in then below this form it will say add another attendee.
  8. Scroll down you will see the terms and conditions please read these and tick the box to say you agree. Click continue.
  9. The next page if you have more than 1 child it will ask you to select which child will be booked in for that session. Click continue
  10. This page is for payments; this shows the breakdown of costs. Click pay by card if you are a standard payee, this will ask you for your card details. Click pay and this will take you to the booking confirmation page which will give you your reference.
  11. If you are using childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare it will not ask you for payment and will go straight to booking confirmation. Please make payment straight away via your usual Tax free childcare account.

Any questions or queries please email us.

All booking are to be made via the online method.

If your child has support whilst at Treetops this will be invoiced directly to you from us once your places are confirmed.